Inspired by our respect and
love for the sea

Zellulin® is an ethical beginning – sparked by a growing consciousness of the intricate harmony of the natural world of which we are a part.

After years of intensive research and rigorous testing, our team of international scientists developed a unique method for cultivating pure, whole marine stem cells in abundance. A method that enables us to tap into the power and diversity of nature, while protecting and sustaining the biodiversity of our precious marine ecosystems.

The new generation
of functional marine proteins

Ethically crafted by blue biotechnology, Zellulin® is a revolutionary new active skincare ingredient that’s powerful, pure and sustainable for us and for our planet.

In the news

zellulin more than collagen blue technology

“... its method allows a milder extraction process within a controlled environment to retain the natural functionalities of marine protein.”

zellulin more than collagen blue technology

“... Avant was named Clean Tech Group’s 2020 APAC 25 list of most innovative sustainable companies ...”

Mermaid Kat

Ocean environmentalist

“The ocean is the most magical place on Earth. It has healing powers and is a place to recharge. It is beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. If we protect the ocean, it will protect humankind.“