• Zellulin Biotech Company in Hong Kong

    Inspired by The Ocean.

Inspired by The Ocean.

Our belief

We believe that beauty should be clean, natural, and safe for ourselves and for the planet.

Harmonizing nature with modern science,
Zellulin® is a revolutionary solution for smoother, more translucent, and younger looking skin.

We are committed to developing clean, blue biotechnology to the highest international standards for a sustainable future.

Who we are

We are a research-driven, results-oriented biotech company, dedicated to delivering premium-grade products backed by sound research and development.

Our mission is to drive a holistic and scientific approach to health and beauty, utilising the latest developments in ethical blue biotechnology for the benefit of all.

Dr. Mario Chin

Chief Scientific Officer, Avant

“Nature has given us a lot of resources that are more powerful than what human can make. And we can now produce abundantly without depleting the oceans.”