zellulin blue biotechnology

Sustainable Blue Biotechnology

Throughout history, human beings have used a range of physical and chemical methods to extract individual compounds from animal tissues. Focusing on the monocausal effects of a single ingredient meant that myriad essential trace ingredients were lost in the process.


Isolate healthy living cells from fish


Cultivate cells in a closed, controlled, & sterilised system


Collect all functional proteins

Thanks to our proprietary pioneering cell cultivation technology for skincare, an abundance of functional proteins can be produced from a small number of stem cells, without relying on continuous supply of animal tissues. Marine life is free to flourish and replenish unharmed, continuing their vital role in sustaining the biodiversity of the oceans.

Crafted in a hygienic, strictly controlled environment

Our method ensures all essential elements are collected, without residual contaminants. The ingenious symbiosis of nature and modern science, Zellulin® is transforming humanity’s approach to holistic, clean, and sustainable beauty.