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    Meet the Zellulin® BioPlatform




Meet the Zellulin® BioPlatform

The Zellulin Bioplatform is a patented sustainable technology utilizing cultivated fish cells to grow cell-identical functional proteins, which are then transformed into sustainable, nature-balanced biopeptide complexes with skin-loving benefits.


One time, a small number of healthy living seed cells from fish


The seed cells to grow an abundance of them


The seed cells to grow an abundance of them
The Zellulin Bioplatform allows us to use a small number of seed cells from nature to produce an abundance of ingredients for personal care applications. There is no need for a continuous supply of seed cells, creating a sustainable, highly bioavailable supply of skincare actives.

The system outputs bioactive multipeptide complexes, balanced by nature, that provide a complete blend of essential elements to deliver skin benefits from a cellular level.


In the right proportions


Recognized by skin cells


Complete to function
The Portfolio of Zellulin Biopeptide Complexes are coming soon. Contact us to learn more.